In these isolated times we need to connect however we can. Let’s figure out a way to still have the types of healthy relations that are possible in public spaces that we are now separated from.


I also would like this project to not be held back by language barriers, I am not sure how to do this. While relying on online translators is possible, these are far from perfect and if the internet does not fail will not be available to us. This is something I also would like to think further through and if anyone has ideas or tools lets please connect. 


If you get to a point that you want to connect more reach out to me at future pen pals personally and we can create larger groups, larger circles of knowledge and experience sharing and larger support networks.  


I think also in this is the want to widen and diversify our support networks. At this point everyone needs some kind of help, some people need a lot of help some people just need a break from the tedium of shelter in place and public space closures, some people may need more immediate and serious help. If you do need more serious and immediate help email future penpals directly and if I have the connections or tools to help you I will or connect you to those that do (I am based in Seattle so I do not have much to offer outside of my city's ecosystem).

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