Future Pen Pals

Connect while separate - sign up to receive your new pen pal.

By submitting your email you are choosing to be randomly connected to another person who has entered their email. Once 50 people have submitted their email I will enter all into a random generator and connect you to your new pen pal. 


Many of us across the world are in quarantine, social distancing or isolated in other ways. From these isolated positions it is easy to feel alone, anxious and stressed. We do not have physical space to come together but we have our words. 

Experiencing similar things in different ways, we all have something to say. This is a project to broaden each of our communication networks out of our hyper local and familiar.

My biggest worry is that the worse case scenario will progress to a time in which the internet fails. In the context of this happening future pen pals is the beginning of a structure of communication that does not rely on privately owned services and broadband.

I invite you, once you have begun communication with your pen pal via email and once you feel comfortable, to share your address and record theirs to further your communication through the post, a service that seems more reliable than private servers and broadband. 


This is a place for thoughts, ideas, dreams, imaginations and for each correspondent to shape it and put into it what they want. This is not a place for hate, for racism, for misogyny, for manipulation, for picking up a date or for any capitalist structures or inclinations.  

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