These prompts are for you to feel some kind of form around you to rely on instead of your thoughts to supply you with what you may deem “interesting”. At this point the second we write we are all journalists, all living through an unprecedented time and all with valuable and valid experience and knowledge. 

  • What color is it outside while you write?

  • What are you feeling while you write?

  • What song do you sing to yourself, if you do?

  • Begin creating an ongoing list of words that you hear or read and like, once you have a list organize them by possible themes and send these to each other. Respond to each others themes by making more word lists. 

  • Write about the objects around you, spend one minute on 15 things, for those 15 minutes just write, do not edit this before sending it to your penpal.

  • How many ways can you show one thing? 20 shades of blue, 20 ways to describe clouds, 20 ways to illustrate the ocean, 20 songs that make me want to dance. 

  • For a week write one line to each other, if you want to be inspired by each other that is great, if you want to write one line that has nothing to do with the others this is also great, at the end of this copy all the lines into one document and look at to talk about it together.

  • Try to describe a color to the other person and get them to guess it.

  • Write up a recipe and descriptions of something that you make often, using a microwave, frozen food, ordering food or making just an egg all of these things are valid the fun is going into detail in the description of you actually doing these things. Do not edit this, just send it

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